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Painting: Stream flowing to the sea, Cot Valley Painting: Summer sea Painting: Leaving harbour, Newlyn Painting: Winter Sun

The Lanherne Studio

Lanherne Studio 1

The studio building

Lanherne Studio 2

Lanherne Studio 3

Studio sign

Lanherne Studio 4

This is the work-space that I share with painter / illustrator Gabrielle Hawkes in St Columb in the heart of Cornwall.
Our move to St Columb has for me meant finding a lot of fresh inspiration for my paintings and drawings. The wooded Vale of Lanherne is enabling me to begin getting to know the huge potential that trees hold for me as a theme with an immense range of expressive possibilities. The town itself intrigues me as well, with its hilltop location and fascinating variety of buildings. I'm excited too about the possibilities of Castle-an-Dinas as a central location within Cornwall from which a huge variety of vistas can be explored, towards the coast, towards the moors, the clay country and so-on.


The Lanherne Studio building takes shape, St Columb Major, autumn 2013

A framework for a level base

Late September 2013

Early October

October 14th

October 15th

October 17th

October 19th 2013


Our previous studio, The Turn of the Tide in St Just, The Turn of the Tide in St Just, has now changed hands


Here is a virtual tour of how the Turn of the Tide used to look in 2007.

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Picture link to larger image of Snow towards Lands End painting
Picture link to larger image of Horses and houses above the sea painting
Picture link to larger image of Red Land Rover at Boscean painting
Picture link to larger image of Tregeseal tree painting
Picture link to larger image of Afternoon horizon painting

>> VIRTUAL TOUR of Ten Years of Lafrowda Festival Paintings exhibition (St Just, July 2012)
>> VIRTUAL TOUR of The Turning Year exhibition (Penzance, April 2012)

>> VIRTUAL TOUR of Lived-in Landscapes exhibition (Bath, April 2010)

>> VIRTUAL TOUR of Ocean Light exhibition (Falmouth, October 2008)


Larger image of "For a bird she was and free" by Gabrielle Hawkes. Picture link to ABNA website where further images of paintings by Gabrielle Hawkes can be accessed.

For a Bird She was and Free,

Gabrielle's illustration from the cover of Between The Ocean and The Sky by Frankie Webb

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