Shaping a Vision of Cornwall - The Art of Tom Henderson Smith

Painting: Stream flowing to the sea, Cot Valley Painting: Summer sea Painting: Leaving harbour, Newlyn Painting: Winter Sun

Lived-in Landscapes from Cornwall at The Chapel Row Gallery, Bath, April 2010

This virtual tour shows most of the Chapel Row Gallery during the exhibition. You can access larger images of each picture by clicking on each of the image links below the film clip. These are in exhibition order but are not to scale. Some pieces that were included and are linked to below are not visible in the virtual tour because of the angle of view or because they were in the lower room.

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Select any of the images below to view that picture more closely. They are displayed left to right as they appear in the virtual tour. Additional images show pieces that were in another room.


>> Installation shots of Penzance version of this exhibition (June 2010)
>> VIRTUAL TOUR of Ten Years of Lafrowda Paintings exhibition (St Just, July 2012)

>> VIRTUAL TOUR of The Turning Year exhibition (Penzance, April 2012)

>> VIRTUAL TOUR of In the Ocean Light exhibition (Falmouth, October 2008)

>> VIRTUAL TOUR of my shared studio (St Just 2007)

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