Shaping a Vision of Cornwall - The Art of Tom Henderson Smith

Painting: Stream flowing to the sea, Cot Valley Painting: Summer sea Painting: Leaving harbour, Newlyn Painting: Winter Sun

Edge of town, St Columb

Original painting for sale

approx 30 x 30 cm. Acrylic on stretched canvas

Unframed but ready to hang


(to cover the cost of materials and publicity) is the opening bid in the online pre-auction of this painting.

You can place your bid by using the Contact page.

Everyone to advance the bidding will be sent a free print of the picture. The auction of this piece will conclude on August 25th 2017 at St Columb Town Hall unless it has been previously sold at the buy-now price (see below).

There is also a BUY NOW price on Artfinder for this painting (also to benefit the Our Town St Columb Project)

>>Click here to see another piece also being sold to support the project.

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where "zoom" and "view in room"
facilities are available.


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>>read a short artist's blog post about this painting

* Use this £10 Paypal button to order an unmounted A4 print of this painting with a free voucher to the same value.

>> Full explanation of unmounted print with free voucher scheme

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