Shaping a Vision of Cornwall - The Art of Tom Henderson Smith

Painting: Stream flowing to the sea, Cot Valley Painting: Summer sea Painting: Leaving harbour, Newlyn Painting: Winter Sun

‘Chilling-out’ after the festival

Following the successful conclusion of the Lafrowda Festival Benefit Painting Auction on July 16th 2016 I first of all felt drawn to make some gentle pastoral pieces.








So, back at my Studio after all that excitement, my priority was first of all to ’chill out’. Valley shapes, St Columb  came from this impulse in which simple bands of colour, on quite a small scale, interpret the ’soft weather’ of a damp July day here in mid Cornwall.







A little more ambitious, though still using modified bands of colour that step straightforwardly into the landscape space, is Summer storm over Castle An Dinas . A suggestion of movement from right to left became a pre-occupation here, hinting perhaps at the drama of the back-story, the ancient fortified settlement that later served as a roundhead encampment here in a strategically central location within the Duchy.

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