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Near and far across the village, St Mawgan

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016













Near and far across the village, St Mawgan ( ) was the product of daily excursions to my studio from the very comfortable temporary home I was living in at the time, a house at the other end of St Columb Major in Cornwall. This situation had arisen after discovering a water leak under my home next to the studio. It’s not that St Mawgan, a village further down the valley was at all involved. It was just that the image I had gleaned from a visit there, a place where a neighbourhood at one end of the community can be seen from one at the other end, resonated with my sense of living in two places at once. I felt very up-beat about this image, something I couldn’t help somehow putting into my colour choices in creating the picture. After all extensive refurbishment was now under way and the temporary inconvenience of having to live elsewhere was a factor that wonderfully focused my daily plans.

Towards the clay country

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

towards_the_clay_country_ mid_Cornwall












Towards the clay country ( ) came from noticing an ‘echo’ between the gable-end of an isolated Cornish farmhouse and a clay country ‘pyramid’ among the distant hills. Whatever immediate concerns one has there is often some correspondence to be found with events at a distance. At the time of painting this mine had become very domestic with a temporary relocation brought about as part of an insurance claim. However, upheaval and change are part of so many people’s lives I realised. This all resolved for me in this painting as a series of bands of colour. Coaxing them into ‘singing’ together by the way I painted them seemed to give poignancy to this process of resolution, a coming-to-terms with the change I was living through.

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